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Brand Platform

Brandcards is the #1 way
to find and grow consumer affinity & loyalty
using our tested tools and metrics.

Brandcards Connects

Connect with current customers where they are - on their phones

Brandcards Engages

Engage customers you don’t know, but who want to connect with you

Brandcards Influences

Convert mobile and new customers into your most loyal customers

How it works.

Brandcards users invite you in and engage with your brand story, products, and content in our app, ultimately building brand loyalty & affinity.

Change email & ad clutter into optimized special attention for customers who WANT to connect with you.

Acquire new customers, and convert existing customers into true loyalists as you love them back.

Drive cross category sales and learn about your competitive set or a new vertical.

Understand what content is most engaging to your customers thanks to knowing about their entire outdoor lives.


Advantage Brandcards 

Get real-time insights about your customers entire outdoor lives - including interests, products & content - thanks to our engaging Tinder-like UX.

Brandcards offers in-depth analytics & insights on your customers’ interests, product favorites and content favorities that detail what customers care about & are responding to.

Our analytics drive customized marketing, delivered as special treatment that includes tips & tricks, custom recommendations, VIP access, & more. 

say they’d be willing to invite favorite brands to “have more information about me and my interests if they give me special treatment in return.”



Advantage Brandcards 


    Right Time

    Our technology and learning algorithms identify the right time and right way to authentically give love back to your most engaged and loyal customers.


    Right Way

    We know you’re managing too many channels, so our brand platform serves up targeted special treatment using your existing content or new exclusive content.

Special Treatment Users Want

According to our user surveys and interviews, the top 3 ways that your customers want to ‘Get Love Back’ are:

Tips & Tricks

How-to videos & articles about brands and interests, brand origin stories, quick tips, insider info and sustainability & partnership initiatives.

Status & Access

Opportunities to test or demo new products, get access to limited edition products, earn VIP status or get exclusive invites to events

Recommendations & Offers

Personalized and customized product recommendations and specialized or early promotional offers

Brandcards Survey Results:
They love you, but don’t think you know about them.
Not one of my top 3 favorite outdoor brands has given me any type of special treatment
I cannot think of any time a brand treated me special
My favorite brands gave me the recognition and attention I deserve
Brandcards finds missed opportunities & helps you efficiently take action to increase loyalty

Brandcards first provides in-depth analytics on real-time preferences across users’ outdoor lives, and then provides in-app opportunities to target and convert customers into true loyalists.

    Ready to Partner?

    Brandcards is the only platform dedicated to helping you build affinity and true loyalty. We create real relationships between you and your customers by delivering a dedicated place where they look forward to connecting and engaging with you.

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